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Treasure Island


Treasure Island

Adapted from the novel by ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON

Not Currently Playing
Robert S. Marx
APRIL 21 - MAY 19, 2018


Set sail on the journey of a lifetime, complete with cutthroat pirates, a treasure map and a courageous boy entangled in a dangerous swashbuckling expedition. Jim Hawkins gets more than he bargained for when he embarks on a daring sea voyage to locate an island of buried riches. But with his fate sealed, he discovers not only gold and gems but also treachery and mutiny lurking around every corner. Filled with unforgettable characters including Long John Silver, the most famous pirate of them all, Treasure Island comes alive for the whole family as an epic theatrical adaptation of one of the world’s great adventure stories.

"A sweeping extravaganza ... exciting entertainment for audiences of all ages." - Variety

Treasure Island is appropriate for adults and children ages 10 and up. The show is an exciting adventure that contains nautical danger, action-packed fight scenes, mild language and the occasional scallywag that may not be suitable for youngest mateys.

RUNNING TIME: The show runs approximately 2 hours and 10 minutes, including one intermission.

Promotional photo by Tony Arrasmith/Arrasmith & Associates.











Em Grosland

Jim Hawkins

Jeffrey M. Bender

Long John Silver/Jim's Father

Austin Reed Alleman

George Merry/Bailiff's Son/Bristol Sailor

Rin Allen

Anne Bonny/Jim’s Mother/Assistant Fight Choreographer

Thomas Brazzle

Black Dog/Josiah Bland

Michael Broadhurst

Blind Pew/Job O'Brien

Grant Goodman

Billy Bones/Captain Smollett

Taha Mandviwala

Tom Morgan/Ezekiel Hazard/Boy with Barrow/Inn Guest (May 15-19)

Max Monnig

Israel Hands/Reverend Mainwaring/Calico Jack

Barry Mulholland

Dr. Livesey

Marco Adriel Muñoz

Justice Death/Cut Purse/Inn Guest

Andy Paterson

Squire Trelawney/The Bailiff

JT Stocks

Tom Morgan/Ezekiel Hazard/Boy with Barrow/Inn Guest

Michael Anthony Williams

Ben Gunn/Inn Guest/Bristol Sailor

Ken Ludwig


Blake Robison


Drew Fracher

Fight Choreographer

Jeffrey Modereger

Set Designer

Mathew J. LeFebvre

Costume Designer

Jaymi Lee Smith

Lighting Designer

Matthew M. Nielson

Sound Designer/Additional Music

Stephanie Klapper

Casting Director

Andrea L. Shell

Stage Manager

Jenifer Morrow

Second Stage Manager



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