When women like you come together, great things happen!

Your leading role awaits — no auditions necessary! With a Leading Ladies membership, you get a backstage pass to four exclusive and exciting "girls' night out" events, where you get an insiders' look into what it takes to bring world-class theatre to life; meet the incredible professionals who create these experiences; and share these experiences with fellow theatre-loving women!

Plus, your support will help sponsor the mainstage production Steel Magnolias by Robert Harling. You'll be the first to see this show at "The Big Event" — before it opens to the public!


Discover what goes on behind the scenes! Become a 2020-21 Leading Lady by clicking the button below, or by printing a pledge card and mailing it to 962 Mt. Adams Circle, Cincinnati, OH 45202.





BRAVA to the following ladies who have stepped into the spotlight and joined the Leading Ladies! This list recognizes members as of March 2021.


Whether you are a Grande Dame ($1,500), Diva ($1,000) or Starlet ($500), you’ll enjoy exclusive events that feature signature experiences into unexplored facets of the Playhouse. Ladies are also recognized in Playhouse programs and on this page throughout the season. For more information, please contact Kendra Struthers at 513-977-2024 or kendra.struthers@cincyplay.com.


Program Co-Chairs: Nirvani Head and Linda Holthaus. 


Sue Cummings
Kelly Dehan
Linda Greenberg
Nirvani Head
Karlee Hilliard
Anne Pierce
Rosemary Schlachter
Jill Warman
Ronna K. Willis


Janet G. Banks
Randal S. Bloch
Faith Bryan
Kassy Corken
Holly Huttenbauer
Lindsey Huttenbauer
Mary E. Ivers
Judy Kenniston
Margo Kirstein
Stephanie Lett
Sally A. Lloyd
Jill Mitchell
Karen Neyer 
Mrs. Julia Pentecost
Jan V. Portman
Jane Portman
Jenny Powell 
Betty L. Prince
Digi Schueler
Maureen Vignola
Barbara Weyand


Debra Hust Allison
Susan Anthony
Elizabeth C. Armitage
Susan Arnold
Molly R. Barber
Jan Bartel
Mandy Bartel
Rebecca Beckstedt
Mary Ann Bell
Stephanie Besl 
Holly Bortz 
Linda D. Brink
Lisa Broun
Heather Brown
Sara M. Butler
Mary Ellen Cody 
Cynthia Cole
Marjorie Compton
Jeanne Coughlin
Alva Jean Crawford 
Amelia Crutcher
Judy S. Dalambakis
Debora Del Valle
Sharon Fiscus
Ora Forusz (Dornheggen)
Nancy Gaffney
Elizabeth George
Nancy Gollobin
Margo Hall 
Lauren Hannan Shafer
Louise Head
Camille K. Healy
Carolyn Heck

Betsy Hendy
Judy Tondi Herd
Kyle Hodgkins
Cathy Hogan
Linda R. Holthaus
Debra E. Howie
Marty Humes
Patricia Humphrey
Susan Ingmire
Diane Iseman
Jennifer Jackson
Anne Jaroszewicz
Carrie Johnson
Sarah Raup Johnson
Heather Krombholz
Lynn P. Larson
Terry Lemmerman
Nancy Lippincott

Janet Longacre
Jackie Mack
Carolyn Ott Martin
Nancy Martin
Joann Mead
Mary Ann Meanwell
Audrey Miller
Danute Miskinis
Diane Moccia
Abby Moran
Mary G. Moran
Maura Moran-Berry
Connan Morrissey
Patti Myers
Jeannie Niebuhr
Claire Patterson

Ildiko Pray
Kathy Qualls
Margie Rauh
Pamela Reising
Sherri Adams Remaklus
Margie Rennie
Buffie Rixey
Mary Ellen Roberts
Nancy Robinson
Patricia Sheppard
Sue Showers
Laura Skidmore
Paula Steiner
Dr. Susan R. Strick
Glenda Suttman
Kazue Takeuchi
Teresa Telford
Jan H. Tepe, D.D.S.
Kathleen S. Thornton 
Sally Tieke
Catharina Toltzis, Ph.D.
Dionn Tron
Susie Tweddell
Maureen Valentine
Ellen G. van der Horst
Nancy Virgulak
Bettie Watts
Deborah White Richardson
Linda Young
Suzanne J. Zimmerman

Bold = Steering Committee Member

Promotional photo of Marie and Rosetta by Tony Arrasmtih/Arrasmith & Associates.