Blake Robison

Producing Artistic Director

Abby Marcus

Managing Director

Bethany Doverspike, MBA

Director of Development

Joshua Escajeda

Director of Production

Dawn Mundy

Director of HR, Equity and Inclusion

Kathy Neus

Director of Marketing and Communications

Suann Pollock

Associate Producer

Daunielle Rasmussen

Director of Artistic Engagement

Phil Rundle

Capital Project Manager

Joanie Schultz

Associate Artistic Director

Andrea L. Shell

Production Stage Manager

Bridget Siedlecki

Director of Operations

Producing Artistic Director Blake Robison
Managing Director Abby Marcus

Associate Artistic Director  Joanie Schultz
Director of Artistic Engagement  Daunielle Rasmussen
Literary Manager Tatiana Godfrey
Associate Artists  Wendy C. Goldberg, Nicole A. Watson, Karen Zacarías

Executive Assistant/Board Liaison Stefanie Hengge

Associate Producer  Suann Pollock
Company Manager  A.J. Ford

Assistant Company Manager/Management Associate Remy Elton-Alexander 

Director of HR, Equity and Inclusion  Dawn Mundy
Payroll and Benefits Specialist  Amy Stier

Finance Manager Chad Stewart
Finance Associate Brian Anderson
Office Administrator Kathy Durnell

Facilities Manager  Brian Smith
Facilities Assistant  Myron Monroe

Capital Project Manager  Phil Rundle

Director of Development   Bethany Doverspike
Director of Donor Relations   Kendra L. Struthers, CFRE
Director of Institutional Giving  Mary Kay Koehler
Major Gifts Officer  Lynn Smith, CFRE
Individual Giving Assistant  Jennifer Radisch
Capital Campaign Manager  Allison Gerrety
Development Assistant  Will Ellis

Director of Marketing and Communications  Kathy Neus
Audience Engagement Manager  Piper N. Davis
Multimedia Designer  Sean Martin
Digital Marketing Associate  Victoria Forbes
Marketing Associate  Jacob Krismanick
Content Marketing Associate  Deja A. Shanks
Public Relations Consultant  Natalie Hastings
Photographer  Mikki Schaffner

Patron Services Director  Don Wong
Assistant Patron Services Manager   Julia Hasl Miller
Ticket Services Staff  Katie Collier, Victoria Forbes, Jenny French, Chase Johnson, Alexi Lewis, Sarah O'Haver, Theresa Richmond

House Staff Supervisors  Joellyn Goos, Stacy Smith
House Staff   Amanda Adams, Sara Bergen, Colleen Byron, Kayden Hauke, Daniela Nenova, Cyrus Newitt, Addie Renne, Jacqueline Smith

Bar Manager  Darren Cox
Bartenders   Kathy Burr, Clint Collins, Justin Eckstein, John Simpson, Barb Santel, Niki Sherwood, Kathleen Thorman

Education Director  Ariana Moses
Artistic Engagement Associate  Katie Baskerville
Education Associate  
Julia Gomez
Education and Engagement Coordinator  Doug Fries


Production Stage Manager  Andrea L. Shell
Stage Managers  Brooke Redler, Brandon T. Holmes

Acting and Education Interns  Ariana Hooberman-Piñeiro, Alessandra Lundberg, Dylan O'Leary, Joshua Schull, Sofia Vazquez Maccio
Stage Management Interns Corey Cagle, Katherine Ivins, Madison Stone

Director of Production  Joshua Escajeda
Technical Director  D.W. Jones
Assistant Technical Director  Sam Thompson
House Audio/Projection Supervisor  Aaron Stephenson
Assistant Production Manager  Valerie Perez

Carpenters  Bryan Bridewell, Kara Daniel, Timothy Fowler, Michael Lyons
Swings  Daniel Bradburn, Bill Coates, Brad Kordenbrock
Charge Scenic Artist  Jennifer Rhodus
Assistant Scenic Charge Artist  Alex Kuntz 

Properties Manager  Liz Lyons
Properties Assistants  Jeff Fowee, Alicia Rhodus
Rouse Properties Running Crew  Lara Sheridan
Rosenthal Shelterhouse Properties Running Crew Chief  Debra Hildebrand

Props Artisan  Bill Coates

Costume Shop Manager  Gordon DeVinney
First Hand  Caitlin Turvey
Wig and Makeup Artist  Amy Whitaker
Costume and Design Administrative Assistant  Heather Sampanis
Lead Rouse Theatre Wardrobe  Karla Knochelmann
Rosenthal Shelterhouse Wardrobe  Julie Hudson
Cutter/ Draper  Kristine Sneshkoff
Costume Shop Assistant  Bridget Kline

Electricians  John Parr
Rosenthal Shelterhouse Light Board Operator  Justin Chandler
Rouse Theatre Audio Engineer  M. Adam Jacob

Managing Director Emeritus  Buzz Ward