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Job Openings and Auditions
If you have questions about working at the Playhouse or auditioning for Playhouse productions, visit our employment page for information about current openings.

Visit our volunteer page to learn about ushering and other opportunities that allow you to donate your time to the Playhouse.

Script Submissions
If you're interested in submitting a play for consideration in an upcoming Playhouse season, visit our script submissions page.

General Questions
Or, if you have a general comment or question, call our administrative office at 513-345-2242, email or send a fax to 513-345-2250.


Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park Staff

Artistic Director  Blake Robison
Managing Director  Buzz Ward
Our thanks to the dedicated volunteers who give so much of their time and support by serving on the Playhouse's Board of Trustees.

Board of Trustees Officers
President  Woody Taft
Vice President  Ellen G. van der Horst
Treasurer  John Stein 
Secretary  Terry Lemmerman
Chair  Jack Rouse


Cathy Bailey
David Billmire
Jack G. Brown
Ryan L. Brown
Robert S. Castellini
Carl Coburn
James P. Conway, Jr.
Alva Jean Crawford
Mark Dawes
Louis A. Fender
Elizabeth George
Chandra Gravely
Nirvani Head
Andrea A. Herzig
Karen M. Hoguet
Richard P. Homan
Peter Horton
Holly Huttenbauer
Susan Ingmire
Sonya S. Jindal
Thomas M. Keckeis
James C. Leonard
Stephen S. Lett
Jacqueline Mack
William J. Moran
Dean A. Moulas
Patti Myers
Jack D. Osborn
Kenneth Oswald
Jenny Powell
Robert C. Reifsnyder
Karen Renz
Toni Robinson-Smith
Austin Schiff
Digi Schueler
Marty Tomb
Barbara A. Turner
Lawrence N. Vignola
Al Vontz III
Randolph Wadsworth
Jill A. Warman
Julia Wesselkamper
Barbara Weyand
Leo T. Whitt
Ronna Willis
Susan B. Zaunbrecher

Charles O. Carothers, M.D.
David C. Herriman
Andrew MacAoidh Jergens
Morse Johnson
Lois Rosenthal
Howard Tomb
Albert W. Vontz, Jr.
Associate Artists  Timothy Douglas, Wendy Goldberg, KJ Sanchez
Literary Associate  Anita Trotta
General Manager  Suann Pollock
Executive Assistant  Kathy Roll
Company Manager  A.J. Ford
Assistant Company Manager  Richard Wanamaker
Receptionist  Steve Seitz
Human Resources Manager  Sharon Weber
Finance Manager
  Jim Hatton
Finance Associate  Brian Anderson
Payroll Specialist  Barb Gloeckner
Development Director  Rachel Kirley
Director of Individual Giving  Helene Herbert
Individual Giving Manager  Kendra L. Struthers, CFRE
Individual Giving Assistant 
William Stowell Meriwether
Director of Institutional Giving 
Bethany Doverspike
Foundations and Grants Manager  Michael P. Brown, Jr.
Institutional Giving Assistant 
Jenni Miller
Capital Campaign Manager 
Allison Gerrety
Development Events Manager  Clare Jaymes
Development Intern
Liz Ellis
Facilities Manager  Brian W. Smith
Facilities Assistant  Myron Monroe
Bar Manager  John Simpson

Kathy Burr
Clint Collins
Darren Cox
Justin Eckstein
Rachel Ellis
Lori Hiltenbeitel
Barb Santel
Kathleen Thorman

Housekeeping Services
Blue Chip 2000
Director of Marketing and Communications  Kathy Neus
Multimedia Designer  Sean Martin
Digital Marketing Manager  Aly Michaud
Content Marketing Manager  Natalie Hulla
Public Relations Consultant  Natalie Hastings
Scripps Howard Communications/Marketing Intern  Gigi Relic
  Mikki Schaffner
Sales and Events Manager  Piper N. Davis
Ticket System Administrator  Patrick Desgrange
Ticket Services Manager  Don Wong

Patron Services Staff
Brianna Bernard
Andrew Bishop
Ernaisja Curry
Elizabeth Engwall
Jenny French
Sandra Gray
Chase Johnson
Jacob Krismanick
Julia Hasl Miller
Josh Neumeyer
Sarah O'Haver
Benjamin Ochsner
Kathryn Pielage
Jennifer Radisch
Tess Talbot
IT Manager  Matt Parsons
Capital Project Manager  Phil Rundle
House Staff Supervisors
Joellyn Goos
Stacy Smith

House Assistants
Julie Allen
Amy Carroll
Kayleigh Clark
Ashley Goos
Emily Graver
Nyema Ivey
Courtney Kennell
Suzann Kokoefer
Kyle Malesevich
Barb Santel
Jacqueline Smith
Brian Wylie
Richard Zenk
Director of Education and Community Engagement  Daunielle Rasmussen
Community Engagement Manager  Carolyn Guido Clifford
Education Associates  Craig Branch, Tracy Hoida, Nicholas Tsangaris
Education Coordinator  Valerie Perez
Production Manager  Veronica Pullins Bishop
Assistant Production Manager  Jessica Lucas
Technical Director  D.W. Jones
Assistant Technical Director  Haley Schutzenberger
Production Stage Manager  Jenifer Morrow
Stage Managers  Brooke Redler, Andrea L. Shell
Acting Intern Company
David Armando
Damien Boykin
Maya Jeyam
Gabrielle Kogut
Julie Locker
Madison Rengli
James Stringer

Directing Fellow  Katie Baskerville

Stage Management Interns

Morgan Becker
Angelica Ortiz
Rachel Pelgen
Bryan Bridewell
Leah Busse
Timothy Fowler

Bill Coates
Michael Lyons
Clint Nessler
Josh Ward

Charge Scenic Artist  Kenton Brett
Assistant Scenic Artists  Stephen Childress, Stacey Meyer
Properties Manager  Liz Lyons
Assistant Properties Manager  Jen Lampson

Properties Assistants
Jeff Fowee
Ingrid Heithaus
Scott Hubert

Marx Properties Running Crew  Lara Sheridan
Shelterhouse Properties Running Crew Chief  Debra Hildebrand
Costume Shop Manager  Gordon DeVinney
Cutter/Draper  Cindy Witherspoon
First Hand  Caitlin Turvey
Crafts/Dyer  Dean W. Walz
Wig Master/Makeup Artist  Amy Whitaker
Administrative and Design Assistant  Chad Phillips
Costume Shop Technician/Shop Assistant  Heather Merchant
Marx Wardrobe Mistress  Cindy Clifford Saalfeld
Associate Marx Wardrobe Mistress  Karla Knochelmann
Shelterhouse Wardrobe Mistress  Julie Hudson
Electricians  John Parr, Jon Pullen
Sound Technician  Cedric Collier
Shelterhouse Light Board Operator  Justin Chandler
Shelterhouse Audio Engineer  M. Adam Jacob



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Monday: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Tuesday – Saturday: 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Sunday: 12 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Box Office closing hours vary based on performance schedule.



Monday – Friday: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.



Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park
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962 Mt. Adams Circle
Cincinnati, OH 45202

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