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The West End

The West End

By Keith Josef Adkins
Directed by Nicole A. Watson

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Robert S. Marx

About the World Premiere

It’s 1941 in Cincinnati’s historic West End. Every day, the region grows as Black Americans migrate from the Deep South and forge new lives in northern cities. At the same time, German residents face growing hostility as the U.S. teeters on the brink of World War II. Grace, who has fled the South and settled in the West End, houses people of both backgrounds in her row house. When a stranger arrives in the middle of the night in her backyard, Grace must confront the secrets of her past and the irrevocable ripples they have made on her present. This world premiere drama by Cincinnati native Keith Josef Adkins shines a light on a transformative chapter of our city’s history.

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Running Time

The show runs 2 hours and 20 minutes, with a 20-minute intermission.



Recommended for ages 13 and up. This historical drama finds characters wrestling with mature topics like racism, war, xenophobia and adult relationships. They discuss these with in-depth wisdom and stoicism, though not without occasional adult language and a few acts of violence.



The West End

A Riveting Cincinnati Tale

Playwright Keith Josef Adkins, a Cincinnati native, has brought this critical period of American history to the compelling forefront of his engaging, timely drama The West End.

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Keith Josef Adkins

Close to Home

A Q&A with Playwright Keith Josef Adkins.

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Our History Unfolds

Take a closer look at the people and the places of the West End.

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LaTonya Borsay


Amara James Aja


Brian D. Coats


Kevin Cristaldi


Shanelle Leonard


Keith Josef Adkins


Nicole A. Watson


Lawrence E. Moten III

Set Designer

Sarita Fellows

Costume Designer

Porsche McGovern

Lighting Designer

Paul James Prendergast

Composer / Sound Designer

Stephanie Klapper, CSA

Casting Director

Brandon T. Holmes

Stage Manager

Andrea L. Shell

Second Stage Manager

Brooke Redler

Second Stage Manager



Photo by Tony Arrasmith/Arrasmith & Associates.
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