Launch Pad Accessibility Program

The Playhouse is committed to increasing accessibility to all its programs. Launch Pad is a program designed to integrate students with developmental disabilities into a traditional theatre camp environment. Space is limited.


We are able to provide the following support in our four-day and one-week camps (except for our one-week Performance Academies) at all locations:

Pre-Camp Preparation

  • Social story pre-camp packet
  • Welcome video (which can be individualized upon request)
  • Pre-camp meet-and-greet with staff and aides
  • We will work with families and students individually to ensure a positive and supportive environment

Daily Support

  • Social narrative signs in all camp classrooms, lunch and play areas
  • Differentiated scheduling (personal, pocket-sized daily schedules available upon request)
  • Detailed concrete schedules
  • A Launch Pad coordinator who will work with families to assess what accommodations each child needs
  • All camp counselors and instructors will be trained in effective communication strategies for students with developmental disabilities
  • Access to comfort items such as noise-canceling headphones, fidgets, weighted blankets, etc.
  • We can accommodate personal comfort items
  • A quiet space will be available
  • Note: We cannot administer medication, provide bathroom assistance or provide personal, one-on-one aides.
  • Note: The Wyoming Fine Arts Center location may be difficult for campers with mobility limitations. There are stairs and no access to an elevator.

For questions on the Launch Pad Accessibility Program, please call 513-977-2028 or email

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If you have any questions about the Launch Pad Accessibility Program, please call 513-977-2028.

Apply for a Scholarship!

Scholarships are available for those in our Launch Pad Accessibility Program based on financial need.


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