Bring theatrical learning to your school!

The Playhouse is excited to offer one-day and five-day workshops, brought directly to your classroom!

In-depth workshops integrate required reading and social studies subjects, while underscoring standards in the Common Core. One of our trained arts educators will use drama techniques and other arts-related activities to expand on the selected subject while deepening students' understanding of theatre as a form of expression and career.

Facility Usage: Enactment and presentation days (for five-day workshops) will be worked out with each school to accommodate scheduling and facility availability. The use of a library, gym or auditorium is preferred for congregating large numbers of students.

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Registration for the 2019-20 Workshops is now available! Click below to book a workshop for your class.


One-Day Workshops

Book an Enrichment Day Workshop

Registration for our 2019-20 one-day Enrichment Workshops is now available! Click below to book a workshop for your class. For questions or more information, contact us at or 513-977-2031.

PRICE: $75 per hour, per Teaching Artist.
CAPACITY: Enrichment Day class sizes are limited to 30-35 students per group.


Actor's Toolbox Workshop
Just as a handyman has a toolbox of hammers and nails, an actor carries their toolbox everywhere. Using the five pillars — body, voice, imagination, cooperation and collaboration — the Actor’s Toolbox teaches a basic understanding of introductory arts integration for the classroom.

Production Sampler
Performance is only one small part of theatre arts. In this four-part workshop, students participate in the exciting worlds of Makeup and Costume Design, Stage Management, Playwriting and Directing. Learn how to apply stage makeup and make costuming decisions; step into the shoes of a stage manager and learn call cues written for the Playhouse’s production of A Christmas Carol; write a one-act play using movement performance; and visit Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park for a tour of the facilities and to participate in a directing class using short plays written by students.

Careers Beyond the Stage
Acting is only one of dozens of theatre professions. In this 45- to 60-minute Career Day offering, arts educators discuss the roles of Actor, Director, Playwright, Stage Manager, Choreographer and Fight Director, as well as Scenic, Lighting, Sound and Costume Designers. We go over the steps that one must take in order to participate in these exciting departments in the world of theatre.


Five-Day Workshops

Book a Five-Day Workshop

Workshops run in five sequential days beginning on Monday and culminating on Friday with a presentation or enactment day. Accommodations can be made for block schedules. This program is offered throughout the school year. Registration for the 2019-20 school workshops is now available! Click below to book a workshop for your class.

We are happy to discuss any of these requirements. Please contact us at or 513-977-2031 with questions or for more information.

PRICE: Through generous grants, we are able to offer these workshops for $500. We have a limited number of subsidies for Title I Schools.

CAPACITY: The goal of the Extended Five-Day Workshops is to serve an entire grade level. We can accommodate up to three classrooms receiving simultaneous instruction.


Dramatic Interpretation Workshops

In this five-day workshop, we'll explore the power of storytelling through different styles of dramatic writing. We'll also explore how to translate descriptive language into a visual image onstage by creating a performance piece inspired by fiction.

Daily Overview:
Day One: What is the story, and how will you tell it?
Day Two: Telling the story visually
Day Three: Writing and curating content
Day Four: Putting it all together
Day Five: Presentation and discussion

Books/subjects from which to choose:
Book/subject of your choosing
Greek Mythology/Drama
Bridge to Terabithia

Experiential Workshops

We'll explore the world of the book of your choice to help students better understand its context, to immerse them in different styles of theatrical storytelling, to explore the power of visual storytelling and to create and embody characters from the world of the story/subject.

Daily Overview:
Day One: Scene work with text from the book or play adaptation
Day Two: Stage combat
Day Three: Scenic design
Day Four: Specialty connected to the book (e.g., dance from the era or costume crafts)
Day Five: Enactment day

Books/subjects from which to choose:
Book/subject of your choosing
The Outsiders
Dr. Seuss

U.S. History

Public Speaking Workshops

Empower students to create effective conversations. Students learn to identify key details of a story/text and develop vocal techniques for oral presentations. They also learn to identify real-life connections between the words of the text and their use in performance as well as everyday life.

Daily Overview:
Day One: Understanding the speech OR Writing and editing your own speech
Day Two: Breaking down text
Day Three: Vocal technique for oral presentations
Day Four: Reading and verbalizing with emotion
Day Five: Presentation of speeches

Subjects from which to choose:
Great Speeches by Great Speakers
Speaking Your Own Words

Theatre for English Language Learners Workshop

The goals of the Theatre for ELL Workshop are to strengthen linguistic skills through performance, to teach reading and speaking with expression, emotion, and meaning, to connect language to physical gestures and to gain confidence in speaking through theatre activities and performance.

Daily Overview:
Day One: Expressing Emotions
Day Two: Introduction to Text
Day Three: Vocal Expression
Day Four: Creating Character
Day Five: Presentation of Scenes