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The Aviators

A Pod Play
Written by Trey Tatum
Directed by Daunielle Rasmussen
Performed by Jo Garcia-Reger and Julia Gomez

Available for Free on Sound Cloud


The Story
The Aviators
follows Kaylan and Cece, who form an unlikely friendship after working through the trials of a school project about flight. Their journey includes an exploration of Alms Park and all of its hidden gems, as well as an exploration of the history of aviation.

What is a Pod Play?
The Pod Plays Project makes creative use of technology, storytelling and outdoor space. Playwrights were asked to choose a unique location in Cincinnati and write an original audio play that makes use of their chosen setting. When listeners tune in to the audio file and begin the play, they’ll be guided through the location as the story unfolds, interacting with the same views, spots and markers as the characters in the story they’re streaming. Pod Plays are free to the public, and can be listened to at any time.

The Aviators is suitable for adult and teenage audiences, and contains themes of grief and loss.

This Pod Play is designed to be listened to while walking through Alms Park, starting at 710 Tusculum Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45226.

Here is an image of the starting location for the play:

Pergola Sign

Things to Know

• Wear comfortable shoes (preferable shoes that you can slide off easily, as this relates to key moments in the story). Be prepared to walk for approximately 40-45 minutes. Consider bringing a notebook and writing utensil for enhanced interaction with the story.

• The majority of The Aviators takes place in settings that are accessible, though you may encounter rough or uneven terrain. We invite our audiences who have challenges with walking to utilize the paths that make them most comfortable.

Where to Begin

• The story begins approximately 30 minutes before sundown. You don't have to go around sunset, but we recommend it if you'd like the most true-to-story experience.

• Press play at the Pergola sign between the Pergola and the Pavilion. The story will start by taking you to the overlook, which offers a vista of Lunken Airfield.

• Once you press play, you'll hear an introduction, and your narrator will guide you to the next location. Here is a visual reference of the locations that you can expect to encounter during the story:









Jo Garcia-Reger


Julia Gomez


Trey Tatum

Playwright / Sound Designer

Daunielle Rasmussen

Director / Director of Education and Community Engagement

Rebecca Armstrong

Stage Manager / Associate Producer






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