Audio Plays by University of Cincinnati's College-Conservatory of Music

Each of the below Audio Plays is its own story, and you can listen to these pieces for free in any order you choose. They represent a year-long collaboration that reached into many corners of Cincinnati.  Students from all over UC (CCM Acting, Sound Design, Stage Management, Commercial Music Production, Digital Media, and the College of Arts & Sciences’ Fiction PhD program) and local professional writers (YA author Liz Coley and musician, comedian and raconteur Paul Strickland) came together to make something truly special. Paul Strickland's play will be available soon. The Playhouse is assisting CCM by hosting and helping to promote these free audio plays. The Audio Plays are commissioned by the CCM Playwrights Workshop.



Coming Back is about a college student’s search for his missing brother in the Appalachian mountains. This piece is by Liz Coley, popular YA fiction writer and CCM Acting Playwrights Workshop mainstay.


Narrator — Eli Lucas
Caleb — Malik Smith
Marathon Worker — Dustin Parsons
Henry — Jack McElroy
Audra — Rachel Jones
Ellynasia — Shakoria Davis
Grant — Cyrus Fontenot

Director — Brant Russell
Project Manager — Lucy Guillemette
Assistant Project Manager — Maggie Seibert
Audio Engineers — Patrick van Meter, Dustin Parsons
Sound Designer — Haruka Iihoshi
Composer — Christopher Aldi



Exposure Therapy is the story of a young woman who, via court-mandated psychotherapy sessions, discovers she can travel back in time to traumatic events in her life. This play is written by Maggie Su, a PhD student in the UC English fiction writing program. Maggie has an MFA from Indiana University, and has been a writer in the CCM Acting Playwrights Workshop.


Liv — Kristina Steinmetz
Stephanie — Liza Lagerstrom
Jay — Gabriel Nasato
Dad — Hunter Trammell
Bradley — AJ Civello
Bradley’s Mom — Emma Fitzgerald
Waitress — Gracie Schmidt

Director — Brant Russell
Project Manager — Lucy Guillemette
Assistant Project Manager — Maggie Seibert
Audio Engineer — Patrick van Meter
Sound Designer — Geoffrey Mintz
Composer — Dominic Wintz



The Missing follows a young Black woman as she searches for her missing sister on the streets of Newark, New Jersey. This play is by Sakinah Hofler, a PhD student in the fiction writing program at UC.


Narrator — Lydia Noll
Lena — Sierra Coachman
Elliot — Charles Gidney
Margaret — Ava Panagopolous
Det. Silas — Ethan Murphy
Det. Ali — Neuma Joy
Woman #1 — Sydni Solomon
Religious Man — Mateo Sollano
Social Worker — Nora Kovasckitz
Man — Noah Buyak
Woman #2 — Isabella Wagner
Woman #3 — MJ Robinson
Cashier — Lydia Robinson

Director — Brant Russell
Project Manager — Lucy Guillemette
Assistant Project Manager — Maggie Seibert
Audio Engineer — Patrick van Meter
Sound Designer — Aaron Woodstein
Composer — Daniel Hodges


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