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A Pod Play
Written by Carolyn Guido Clifford
Directed by Daunielle Rasmussen
Performed by Julie Locker and Suann Pollock

Available for Free on SoundCloud


The Story

Akin follows an evolving relationship between two women of different generations that spans 16 years and multiple national and global events. This walking experience explores the intergenerational differences and divides between two women connected by blood but separated by differing perspectives. The journey includes a walk through Seasongood Pavilion, Mirror Lake and back through the Hinkle Garden surrounding the Bettman Fountain.

What is a Pod Play?
The Pod Plays Project makes creative use of technology, storytelling and outdoor space. Playwrights were asked to choose a unique location in Cincinnati and write an original audio play that makes use of their chosen setting. When listeners tune in to the audio file and begin the play, they’ll be guided through the location as the story unfolds, interacting with the same views, spots and markers as the characters in the story they’re streaming. Pod Plays are free to the public, and can be listened to at any time.

This production is suitable for teens and adults and contains some strong language as well as themes of loss and grief.

This Pod Play is designed to be listened to while walking through Eden Park, starting at the bus stop shelter across the street from Seasongood Pavilion.




Here is an image of the starting location:


Things to Know

Before You Arrive

• Wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to walk for approximately 45-50 minutes.

• While the majority of Akin is accessible, there is a section that travels across grass to a set of stone steps. During that section, we invite our other abled guests to utilize the sidewalk path that travels parallel to those steps heading toward the gazebo. At the gazebo stairs, turn right onto the sidewalk which will lead the stone steps.


Where to Begin

• The story is best experienced in the late afternoon and evening.

• Press play once you are standing inside of the bus stop shelter. The story will start in place there and then take you across the street, heading toward the Pavilion stage. 

• Once you press play, you'll hear an introduction, and your narrator will give more information. 

Akin is intended to be a walking journey and spans 16 years in a relationship. The characters will tell each other when to start, stop, sit and stand. Follow along at a pace that feels comfortable to you. 


Route Map


Akin Map

Print the Map


*You can print the full map to follow along by clicking the button above. 











Julie Locker


Suann Pollock


Carolyn Guido Clifford


Daunielle Rasmussen

Director / Director of Artistic Engagement

Trey Tatum

Sound Designer

Rebecca Armstrong

Associate Producer

Matthew Schutte

Production Assistant




Eden Park Map

If you or someone you know is struggling with grief, please call the Grief Recovery Hotline at 1-800-445-4808 for help finding mental health resources.





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